The Shuffle: YEG Playlist

by | Mar 3, 2019 | Arts & Life, Uncategorized

By: Chris Figliuzzi

Maybe it’s the fact that we’re trapped indoors for 8 months of the year by cold, or the inspiration provided by shirtless roller blading guitar guy, but there’s something about Edmonton that continually produces amazing musicians and bands. Unfortunately, just as Edmonton will create another amazing act, they will often be ignored and end up playing to a ten person show. We always seem to take the music in our own backyard for granted, which has lead to the inevitable close of venues over the years leaving Starlite Room as one of the sole survivors. Take time to appreciate some of the talent that Edmonton has produced over the years, and maybe it’ll inspire you to drop 10-15 bucks to check out a show and help keep the scene alive and thriving.

Cocaine Trade” – Christian Hansen & The Autistics

A fun Electric rock song that makes it clear that not everything is worth checking out a second time around.

Heartbreaking Ways” – Owls By Nature

Owls By Nature is by far one of my favourite bands from Edmonton. Their rock/punk/folk style is one that really leaves you hooked and wanting to hear more. Another song worth checking out is “Hurricane.”

Beautiful” – Social Code

If you’re like me and grew up with early 2000s-2010s punk rock as one your listening staples you’ll love this song. It’s hyper–aggressive, catchy and the uplifting lyrics leave you feeling invincible.

Hurt No More” – The Unfortunates

This former Sonic Band of The Month is still killing it today, as you can read about them in last month’s issue. For me though their best song is still Hurt No More. The lyrics are haunting yet still leave you feeling pumped up.

Shawna Don’t Wanna” – Our Mercury

A little and a bit more punk rock, but Our Mercury still gets me going every time. I was lucky enough to see a reunion show of theirs a year or two ago and man, their music just makes you feel incredible.

Coming Back” – Scenic Route to Alaska

Do you remember that commercial about Edmonton that was on last summer…like all the time? Yeah, this is that song, and it’s God damn fantastic. Be forewarned though, one listen and it’s stuck in your head for life.

Count Yourself In” – Ten Second Epic

You like early 2000s pop punk? Hell ya you do! And if you don’t you’re a damn liar. Ten Second Epic was THE Edmonton band with that unique early 2000’s pop punk sound. They even had a song with Lights…but we don’t talk about that.

Touch” – Whale and the Wolf

Whale and the Wolf is THE band in Edmonton right now. With catchy songs, amazing guitar rifts and a live show that leave you just wanting more and more. Lucky for you, they have a show coming up in the city on April 20th at The Station.

Sucks to Grow up” – Old Wives

An old school pop punk band with a bit more of an edge. Maybe I chose this song because I’m now 34 and “grown-up” or maybe it’s a just a great fucking song. The choice is yours, but I’m leaning towards option two.

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