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The Shuffle… Best new rock of 2018

The snow has officially hit the ground, and brought the cold with it – which means it’s the season of becoming a hermit and locking yourself inside the warmth of your house. Save yourself the boredom of staring at your walls all day, by staring at the walls while listening to music, with this playlist – a compilation of some of the best new rock music of 2018.


1. Greta Van Fleet – Watching Over

2. Rise Against – House on Fire (Ghost Note Symphonies version)

3. Godsmack – Bulletproof

4. Red Sun Rising – Fascination

5. Shinedown – Devil

6. Stone Temple Pilots – Roll Me Under

7. lovelytheband – broken

8. Grandson – Blood//Water

9. Five Finger Death Punch – Sham Pain

10. Ghost – Rats

11. The Glorious Sons – S.O.S.

12. The Struts – Body Talks

13. Weezer – California Snow

14. Alice in Chains – So Far Under

15. Pearl Jam – Can’t Deny Me

Image courtesy of Greta Van Fleet’s Instagram



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