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There’s nothing quite as fierce as a young, ambitious person strutting their stuff down the runway. NAITSA’s Next Top Model gives students the opportunity to do just that. Now entering the second round of competition, the heat’s turning up.

Top Model takes place over three rounds. The first round has come and gone, with one participant being eliminated. Thirteen aspiring models remain, with another person to be removed after voting ends in Round 2. Voting for this week is open until Friday, March 9. Next week, two of the models will be eliminated, leaving the Top 10 to stride into the finale on March 22 at the Nest Taphouse and Grill.

NAITSA’s Event Co-ordinator Rechelle Eklund took the time to speak to us about how the aspiring top models can conquer the NAIT fashion world moving forward.

Nugget : NAITSA’s Nex t Top Model is officially in Round 2. So for the next three weeks, people get whittled down?

“Mmhm. So there’s three rounds total. Last week we eliminated one person, this week we eliminate one person, then next week we’ll eliminate two people. So, then it gets to the Top 10 and those Top 10 are invited to the finale. ”

N: So far, have the models styled themselves, or has anyone been brought in to style them?

“We brought in a stylist for the photoshoots. Value Village actually sponsors us. So, we went to Value Village and she pulled a bunch of outfits and then she styled them all on set, for the photos. Then for the finale they [the models] will get a chance to go and choose their own outfit, and makeup everything. Then, for the finale, they wear their outfits to show their style.”

N: So it’s a lot about their decision, what they want to portray, how to express themselves.

“Yeah, absolutely.”

N: When they’re going into the finale, has the panel been decided?

“Yeah, they’ve all worked with Top Model for the last few years. There’s a representative from a fashion magazine here in Edmonton, there’s the stylist that chose the clothes for the photo shoots, there’s a previous winner of Top Model and then there’s an Edmonton local model.”

N: How do people vote for who they want to be NAITSA’s Next Top Model?

“Just online, you can go to NNTM. and vote online. You can vote one vote per day, per device, so vote as many time as you want and see who gets to the final round.”

N: How diverse are the models? Do they come from across all of NAIT, from different programs, both men and women?

“Yeah, absolutely, so we have men and women from all different programs. It was just anyone who wanted to get involved and have fun, try something new. We really focus on building friendships and relationships there and less of a competition. So, that’s one of the things the judges look for as well. If you’re nice to the other people, not staring them down like ‘I’m gonna win.’ It’s more of a fun and positive experience rather than a crazy competition.”

N: It’s about building each other up, rather than breaking them down.


The models competing in Round 2 are:

Andriy Babij

Allyson Greene

Lebene Mawutor

Astrid Herrera

Maggie Russell

Ouiame Minouche

Shelby Salt

David Bernstein

Brandi Charette

Meggan Tough

Brittany Hogue

Harley Russell

Prabhjot Punnia

Go to to vote for your Top Model.

– Alan Holmes

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