Students planting trees for change

by | Nov 24, 2022 | Web Archive

As an effort to care for the environment within the Edmonton area, NAIT students volunteered on September 18th to plant trees in the North Edmonton neighbourhood of Klarvatten. 

The event was led in tandem with Root for Trees, an organization whose purpose is to plant trees within new and developing neighbourhoods. NAITSA hosted the event  for the “good of the environment and local ecosystem,” said Stuart Oudjin, NAITSA Volunteer Coordinator. Oudjin explains that during the event, Root for Trees supplied the trees and other equipment, and the organization’s staff were there to assist NAIT students with planting.

Art by Mihiri Kamiss

As the volunteer coordinator, Stuart holds a strong passion for volunteerism even when the causes don’t directly benefit him. “You’re doing something [planting trees] that you won’t get any benefit from. There’s an old saying that society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they’ll never sit in,” Oudjin said. “I think planting trees is a good metaphor for that.” 

Stuart’s primary goal, as he states, is to “push the sentiment of volunteering to NAIT students.” He believes this event was less about individuals having an “I’m going to change the environment” attitude, and more about getting involved.

Because of the chilly weather , similar operations won’t take place again until the end of winter. However, those interested in contributing to more environmentally conscious events can look forward to the upcoming My Neighborhood Clean Up event, which is committed to cleaning up litter around Gold Bar Park. If the weather is suitable for planting trees, Oudjin may organize another event in the beginning of spring. Otherwise, a similar event will occur again next September. 

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