Student Project Honours Remembrance Day

by | Nov 8, 2019 | News, Uncategorized

By Jonah Peterson

NAIT graphic communications make banners to honour Remembrance Day

Photo by Shawna Bannerman

One program at NAIT decided to find a way to keep students incorporated and engaged in Remembrance Day.

Last year, Carmen Schnirer, the Interim Academic Chair of Graphic Communications, asked students to create a banner for Remembrance Day that included the phrase “NAIT Remembers”.

Two designs were selected and put on display around the NAIT campus. Carmen says those same designs will be up again this year, allowing the new students and staff a chance to see them as well.

“We just felt that this was something that wasn’t being recognized,” said Schnirer. “With all the other holidays and events going on, Remembrance Day is often forgotten about.”

The project was given to students in their Design Fundamentals class. The idea was given to Schnirer by the former chair of the program. She liked the concept so much that she wanted to try it out with her own classes.

The goal of the project was to get students familiar with a style of graphic images and using them at proper resolution, while getting them involved with NAIT’s recognition of Remembrance Day.

“The students really enjoyed it. I think they put a lot of work into this. We were even surprised, but they found this very important,” said Schnirer.

“It’s part of our history. Just like the cliché says ‘Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.’ I think that’s why we observe Remembrance Day every year; to honour veterans but also to ensure we learn from it and not go down that road again.”

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