Stress And Resiliency: Not All Stress Is Bad

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By Nick Hotte

According to Dr. Daryn Rainer, NAIT grad and chiropractor since 2018, not all stress is bad. There is such a thing as good stress and bad stress.

On Wednesday Nov 4, NAIT Alumni hosted an online learning presentation titled Stress & Resiliency in our Modern World.

This event was created to share strategies for countering stress and accessing your potential to be healthy. The presentation is part of NAIT Alumni’s Lifelong Learning series and there are more plans in the future for free events like this one.

The presenter at this event was Dr. Daryn, a Chiropractor since 2018 and a graduate of NAIT’s Bachelor of Business Administration program. Dr Daryn talked about how stress can affect our lives and health as a whole.

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According to Dr. Daryn, the biggest misconception is that all stress is bad, but that’s actually not the case.

“Good stress is the kind of stress that makes us stronger. The easiest example to understand is when we’re working out. [When] we challenge our muscles, we’re actually making micro tears in the muscles when reusing them, and then we send more blood to the muscles to rebuild stronger than before that,” said Dr. Daryn.

“That applies to our physical body the same way it applies to upstairs. When we have a challenge that we can overcome, then we end up stronger at the end of the day,” said Dr. Daryn.

Dr. Daryn wanted to make sure participants know the difference between bad stress and good stress. He explained what makes something considered ‘bad stress’.

“An example might be going to the gym but we go a little bit too hard, or our form’s not too good, and we actually injure ourselves. So pushing past our ability to adapt can create trauma and that’s a bad stress.”

Dr. Daryn also identified three different types of stress that can affect our health. These include physical, emotional and chemical stress.

“Our chiropractic founders started talking about stress as the cause of disease. One of the things they talked about was the impact of thought, trauma, and toxins on our stress levels. Those are the three primary stressors,” said Dr. Daryn.

Dr. Daryn gave many great tips on how to overcome bad stress in his forty minute presentation, which included many examples, pictures, and videos.

“It is not necessarily that stress that’s going to determine whether or not we’re healthy. It’s our ability to adapt to that stress. So if we can handle high levels of stress at a certain type or a certain period of time, we will be fine.”

NAIT Alumni plans on hosting more events for their Lifelong Learning series in the future, where more professionals will provide helpful tips and information to better the health and happiness of students.

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