Sporting Moments You’ll Want To Watch Again

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By Mia Hildebrandt & Orrin Farries

As the sports world has come to a pause due to COVID-19, it’s been a confusing time for sports fans. The NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA and even March Madness has been either postponed or cancelled. To help you navigate through these tough times, we’ve compiled the top 10 games to re-watch from the past couple years. Don’t worry – we haven’t spoiled the endings.

1. LSU vs Texas A&M – College Football

November 24, 2018
Game of the year is an understatement for this game. If you’ve watched any college football this year, you would know that Joe Burrow and the ‘Tigas’ were used to winning by large margins however this game had a different story. With 7 OTs, yes, you read that right, and both teams’ final score ending in the 70s. This game was nothing short of a thriller. Both teams went back and forth for the entire four hour game. If you are missing the sports craze while isolating, this game is sure to bring all the emotions for an all afternoon event. The full game can be found on YouTube.

Miami Heat vs Golden State Warriors February 27, 2019

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2. Miami Heat vs Golden State Warriors

February 27, 2019
As Dwayne Wade’s career was coming to an end he made sure to go out in dramatic fashion. As the Warriors were still an NBA power house, keeping up with them was not as easy task. This game goes right down the wire and will be sure to get that adrenaline pumping. A 10 minute game recap can be found on the NBA YouTube channel.

3. Duke vs North Carolina- College Basketball

February 8, 2020
Duke vs North Carolina is truly a rivalry like no other. Just 21 miles down the road from each other, the stakes get higher than ever. This year’s rivalry game had Duke trailing for the first half and most of the second when all of a sudden things started to turn around. With two buzzer beaters and a trip to overtime, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat.

4. New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins AKA ‘Miracle in Miami’

December 9, 2018
With the Patriots as top dog in the NFL for years, this game didn’t seem like much at first. With the Dolphins record of 6-6 they played a tight game with the Pats for all four quarters. With only seconds left in the fourth quarter it seemed like we had a clear winner, or did we? I know this game had jaws on the floor and you can watch the 40 minute condensed game on YouTube.

Oregon Ducks vs Auburn Tiger – College Football August 31 2019

Photo via LA Times

5. Oregon Ducks vs Auburn Tiger – College Football

August 31 2019
College football is a funny sport because half the players are future pro bowlers and the other half are going to be accountants some day. Regardless, college football has some of the most entertaining games of all time. One that sticks out this past season was on day 1, the Ducks vs the Tigers. Senior quarterback Justin Herbert for Oregon was taking on Freshman Bo Nix in his first college game ever. With some hiccups in the beginning for freshman Nix, he sure picked up his game and kept his team in the game. I don’t think anyone saw the hail mary at the end of this game coming. The full game can be found on YouTube.

6. Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Rams

November 19, 2018
This is the single greatest regular season game of American football that I have ever seen. For fans of scoring, this is the pièce de résistance. The full game can be found on YouTube.

7. San Antonio Spurs vs Oklahoma City Thunder

2012 Western Conference Finals
As much as it pains me as a Spurs fan to admit it, this series was a capitulation of the trio of future MVPs in OKC, and should have been the jumping off point for them as championship contenders. This is a display of pure basketball ecstasy.

Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustaffson Light Heavyweight Title Fight | UFC 165

Photo via Forbes

8. Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustaffson

Light Heavyweight Title Fight | UFC 165
A great display of tactful violence from two of the greatest light heavyweight’s of all-time. Gustaffson was the first challenger that felt like a legitimate threat to Jon Jones’ dominant reign as champion. The full fight can be found on YouTube.

9. Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots

February 4, 2018 | Super Bowl LII
The apex of Super Bowls. Trickery, the rise of a folk hero in Nick Foles, the hopes and dreams of the city of brotherly love. What a game.

10. Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors

2016 NBA Finals | Game 7
The final three minutes and 39 seconds of this game involved a single bucket, but this game was incredibly special. A record-breaking 73-win team. A city with a 52-year championship curse. Full game highlights can be found on NBA’s YouTube page.

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