Small Business with Big Flavours

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By Scotty Zee

Swiss 2 Go Local Edmonton Cafe Small Business

Scotty Zee

The name Swiss 2 Go may sound like that of a swiss cheese-centric fast-food chain. But Swiss 2 Go is an all-natural, made-from-scratch establishment, featuring good food and incredibly friendly staff.

Swiss 2 Go originally opened its doors on the west side of Edmonton, just across the street from West Edmonton Mall. The small business has since moved to a new spot on the eastern end of 118 Ave. and plans on staying there for the time being.

Over the course of a few years, it has gained a loyal following of returning customers. Owner Drita,who wished to be referred to by her first name, says she enjoys getting to know each and every one of them, which is an aspect of her business that she feels many restaurant chains lack today.

“My customers are more than just a number to me,” she said. “They’re like family, without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

The family-owned and operated cafe and eatery prides itself on handcrafted soup and sandwiches inspired by their home, Switzerland, as well as various cafe-style drinks and pastries.

Most impressive of all, and arguably the most popular, is Drita’s ‘TCup Cheesecakes’.

Miniature decorated cakes designed to look like teacups. Drita says the cakes have become so iconic for her restaurant that she has been working to get the design trademarked.

Drita is always coming up with new ideas for her food. One of her business philosophies is to always be thinking about the next thing. Something she picked up from her parents, who had a combined 60 years of experience operating businesses in Switzerland.

“My parents always told me, don’t just focus on the now. Make sure to focus on what comes next,” she said.

Given everything is made fresh in-store, it’s not hard for her to incorporate new ideas into her recipes, often experimenting with different flavours of cake or a new type of sandwich.

“Every time I’m out, I’m always thinking, ‘What can I change? What can I be doing differently?’” she added.

All of her hard work and dedication to her customers have combined into quite an enjoyable food experience. The great food and a cozy atmosphere are certainly worth checking out.

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