Sign-up and win: NAITSA hosts Nimbus Learning contest

by | Feb 2, 2022 | News

Students that sign up to the Nimbus app by February 12th have a chance to win tickets to the March 9th Oilers game. The contest is hosted by the NAIT Students’ Association (NAITSA) to encourage students to join and explore the platform. There is no cost to sign up to Nimbus Learning; students choose a tutor based on their availability and hourly fee.

“With midterms on the horizon, we want Nimbus to be a stress reliever and provide peace of mind that students have somewhere to go if they just need a confidence boost before their test, help with an assignment, or whatever it may be,” said Jessie Burchnall, NAITSA Service Hub Coordinator.

The NAIT Department of Student Learning and Development and NAITSA partnered to bring Nimbus Learning to students in September 2020. The platform is a Canadian start-up that allows students to receive and provide course-specific tutoring from other students, staff, alumni, and industry experts.

Course-specific tutoring means tutors on Nimbus have already completed and passed the courses they offer. For Kaedee Fythe-Torrino, a third-year business student and Nimbus tutor, this gives her more empathy in her tutoring sessions. She understands the stress that comes with difficult subjects like accounting because she has first-hand experience. “I know how hard it is to be crying over that course, I have a love-hate relationship with accounting,” said Fythe-Torrino.

Before she joined Nimbus, Fythe-Torrino tutored students on her own, but found that tutoring through Nimbus Learning was a lot easier to organize. “Before going to Nimbus, [my tutoring] was just through referral, and my inbox was an explosion of messages like, ‘Do you [offer] this course?’” explained Fythe-Torrino. “But when I [got] Nimbus, it’s clear the list of courses that I can [tutor].”

The app is intuitive and user-friendly. Once students signed up, they can search for specific courses they need help with, see available tutors, and book sessions. After completing a session, students can also leave reviews on their tutor’s public profile, something Fythe-Torrino also praised.

“They know their tutor is good [because] there are also reviews that can be seen for future students.”

Students do not need to book a session to win NAITSA’s contest. The winner will be selected from a list of current students on the app, so as long download the app and sign up with their NAIT login by February 12th, they will be entered into the draw. For more information on Nimbus and more detailed instructions on how to sign up, students can visit

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