Short Story: Drifter Part 6

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Web Archive

By Nicholas Hotte
I managed to duck into cover at the last second.

The two other men started shooting. Marco must have a scribe, considering how he and the other two reacted. But what could it be?

“You’re probably wondering what my scribe is. Well allow me to give you the courtesy of that knowledge. It’s not like you’re leaving here alive.”

He’s going to tell me? I can use this to my advantage and think of a way around his scribe. Why is he this confident? There is no such thing as an all-powerful scribe.

“My scribe allows me to reverse the moment of an object by keeping it’s speed hurdling in the opposite direction. As long as something, like a bullet, touches my barrier at a certain velocity, it’ll just go right back to the user.”

What!? How could he have something so powerful? That must be how… I glance over at Sandy.

Marco pulls out his scribe, it’s a small black dagger with a curve to it. It looks like a karambit knife.

“I’d say it’s pretty useful around these parts,” Marco chuckled.

He turns to the two other men. “Don’t worry boys, I’ll handle this.”

Marco starts walking toward my cover with his knife in hand. “I think it’s about time I gut you like a pig.”

His footsteps get closer and closer to my cover. What am I going to do? If I shoot at him I’ll just end up blowing my own brains out. I look at a bottle on the ground. What if I hit him with it? That’ll just bring it right back to me!

The footsteps sound even closer now. How am I supposed to kill someone who’s basically invincible! I can’t shoot him, I can’t punch him! He’s just gonna walk over here and stab me, and there’s nothing I can do about it!

His steps sound as if he’s only 2 meters in front of me. Shit! He’s right there! What am I going to do!?

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