Short Story: Drifter Part 1

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Trinity is a world different from ours. 10 per cent of the population has abilities called scribes and are able to summon a soul weapon at will. They are also able to possess one special power. Both the weapon and the power differ for each person.

What is revenge? A fool’s game is what some would tell you. But, I think it’s a bit more complicated than that.

The name is Jhin and all the other gunslingers on outbay county called me the fastest gun around. Even those Scribe freaks wouldn’t want to tussle with me. They called me an outlaw, but I preferred to call myself a Drifter. I just did whatever I needed to do to survive in the country.

“What will it be Jhin?” the barkeeper said to me as I sat perked in my chair.

“You got any of that new stuff? Sabertooth is what they called it. Said it was the best one around? I’ll take two of those,” I replied back.

“Well if you can afford it, but don’t come crawling back to me when it’s too much,” the barkeep says as he hands me both drinks. “I’m guessing you didn’t bring a friend for the second one.”

“A drifter like me don’t need no friends,” I snapped just before I took the shot.

I saw a young woman in the corner of my eye. This woman wasn’t dressed like any normal gal. She had an iron on her and her clothes were something you’d expect to see on someone like me. Black pants and a ragged overcoat with a hat to top things off.

I turned back to the barkeep. “Who’s that gal over there with the coat.”

The barkeep takes a moment to look around. “Her? Haven’t seen her before. She must be new around here. Why, you thinking of making a friend?”

I turn back to the girl across the room. “Yeah… something like that.”

I walk over to her table with the two drinks in my hand. She turns to me, I hesitate to say something to make this less awkward. “I accidentally ordered two drinks. You think you could take one of them off my hand ma’am?”

She smiles. “And how do I know you didn’t slip something in one of ‘em?”

I’m silent for a moment trying to figure something to say. Before I could say anything she laughs hysterically.

“I’m only kidding, stranger. I saw the barkeep and you over there. Besides if you drugged me I’d just have to kill you,” she laughs again.

I sat down and handed her the drink. We had a long conversation but it didn’t seem as long as it was. Her name was Sandy, and she was a drifter like me. One who lived by the rules of the desert.

After some time she got up ready to leave, “it was a pleasure talking to you stranger, I hope we meet again.”

“Wait!” I yelled without thinking.

She stopped at the door. There was a long pause. I finally spoke. “Why not have me tag along. You know they call me the fastest gun in these parts. You could use someone with my skills.”

She hesitated for a moment. “You think I need protection? Heh?”

I look down for a moment.

She continues. “But yeah, you can come. Not Because I need protection… I just think it would be nice to have a partner in crime.” As I looked back up, I grabbed my hat and went to ready my horse.

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