(SATIRE) Flat-Earth Conference Goes to Edmonton’s ‘End of the World’ For Proof

by | Aug 10, 2018 | News, Uncategorized

Flat-Earthers from across (not around) the globe, have traveled to Edmonton for Thursday’s flat-Earth conference.

“Flat-Earthers” are a collective that believe that the spherical-Earth known and proven by science, is flat. To demonstrate their theory, a speaker from the event brought the group to Edmonton’s ‘End of the World’.

Members of the organization described what was on the other side of the edge of the flat-Earth to look “a lot like the Edmonton Valley Zoo.”

“The smoky conditions in Edmonton today make it quite difficult to see what the end of our world looks like, but I would say it looks like a murky river and a bunch of trees,” said Joan Redford, a Flat-Earther who traveled to the conference from the UK.

“Who would have thought the edge of Earth sits right near Saskatchewan Drive in Edmonton’s river valley,” said a local member of the group.

Check out Michael Menzies’s April preview of the conference for the “real” story.

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  • Senior Editor, Jory Proft

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