Recycle And Regrow Vegetables From Home

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Arts & Life

There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing a plant grow and bear fruit.

These recycled vegetables grown from home are a great way to learn something new without leaving the house or having to spend a lot of money. The best part is all of these are grown from the actual vegetable so no store-bought seeds are required.

Recycled Garden

Photo by Zeah Spiegel

These plants can be attempted right away just by looking for some scraps and some supplies sitting at home.

Small container or pot (ex. McDonald’s cup)
Paper towel, cloth, or a napkin
Wooden sticks
Potting soil
Vegetable scraps

Spring Onion

Begin by cutting one to two inches of the spring onion’s roots.

Place them submerged halfway in a small container of water. This water needs to be changed every day or every few days.

They will need eight hours of sunlight a day.

After a week, the onions will be ready to harvest.

They can also be planted into the ground or soil when the roots get really long. The great thing about spring onions is they can bring continuous crops all season long.

Photo by Zeah Spiegel


Start by cutting the tomato and picking the seeds out. Then dry them out on a cloth or napkin for two days.

Place two to four seeds in a small pot or cup with potting soil.

After six to eight days, the seeds will start to germinate.

After 15 to 16 days, they will grow into seedlings.

Then it is ready to transfer them into a big pot or the ground.

Water three times a week. Fertilizer may be used or just use crushed eggshells.

When it grows 5-8 inches place a stick beside the stem and tie them together so they can grow taller and wider. When the tomato plant reaches 10-12 inches, they will start to produce small shoots off the steams (suckers). Remove them by pinching them or cutting them with pruners. Only prune every now and then to maximize harvest.

Tomatoes need 8 hours of sunlight when planted outside. Water them every day concentrating on the stems, not the leaves. After forty days it will bear fruit.

Recycled Garden

Photo by Zeah Spiegel


Begin by cutting the head of the radish and placing it in a small container where the bottom is just touching the water.

The radish needs 8 hours of sunlight.

When the leaves sprout, transfer it to a pot with potting soil or the ground.

It needs to be watered three times a week.

When transferred to the ground, the radish is ready in 21-26 days from germination.

One radish produces only one radish plant.

Recycled Garden

Photo by Zeah Spiegel

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