Record-breaking Ook donates 50 books to kids

by | Nov 24, 2022 | Sports

“I just think helping others and utilizing our platform within the ACAC and NAIT is crucial and we should take that time to really set a positive image.”

Those were the words of Sarah Moorji, NAIT Ooks women’s soccer midfielder. In 2022, for every goal the team scored, Moorji committed to donating one book to Edmonton’s St. Edmund school. 

“Since it’s my fifth and final year as an Ook, I wanted to incorporate someone or something that has influenced me to become a better athlete and individual,” said Moorji. “St. Edmund school allowed me to grow as a person and really understand what it takes to become a well-balanced athlete.” 

The soccer season finished in October with 30 goals, but Moorji decided to donate 50 books, matching the record-breaking amount of games she played in her 5 years at NAIT. “It was surreal to think that I’ve played in every NAIT women’s soccer game during my five years as an Ook.” 

This soccer star started playing at 9 years old. Moorji has won many awards including Rookie of the Year, ACAC All-Conference top midfielder (three times), Academic All-Canadian (two times). She was also nominated for the Queen Elizabeth sports award, won the Alberta Soccer Award of Merit in 2019 and acted as team captain. 

She’s also been consistently active in the community during her time at NAIT. During the COVID-19 pandemic she taught technical soccer skills to children from ages 5-13. In honour of her late grandparents she also helped fundraise $3,000 to the Aga Khan Foundation. This foundation helps support individuals in third world countries with basic necessities for living as well as emergency recovery methods for the sick.

“Growing up my parents and grandparents had a huge impact on helping others…when my grandparents passed away I wanted to do something in honour of him,” said Moorji.

 The athlete has a bright future ahead. She studied in the disaster and emergency program and wants to work in that field professionally, play soccer at a European level and continue coaching youth soccer programs for the years to come.   

Moorji’s advice for the youth wanting to join soccer at NAIT: “have fun and enjoy the moment, the years go by super quick.”

cover photo via NAIT Ooks

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