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If you’ve already ambled over to the library this September, you may have noticed that U-210 and U-310 look a bit different this year! The Project Factory has moved upstairs into U-310 to join the library at the new Learning and Teaching Commons service desk, creating some greatly needed study space on the second floor.

With the move, the Project Factory will no longer be referred to as a separate space but the Learning and Teaching Commons will now include all of the same resources and services that the Project Factory did previously, along with the library and other LTC services. The LTC service desk is a great place to stop at any stage of a project, whether you want to ask a few questions about software, learn how to use a tool or resource, need access to equipment for loans like cameras and presentation aids or you’re ready to print and share your project. They’re available to help you!

The Learning and Teaching Commons offers audiovisual equipment on loan at no charge. With your NAIT ID card you can fill out a responsibility form and sign out any equipment you require, including audio recorders, digital SLRs and flashes, presentation equipment such as projectors and clickers, video cameras, laptops and specialty calculators.

Once your project is completed, take advantage of the LTC’s self-serve printing and copying or use their full-service options for specialty printing, binding and finishing. Their staff are eager to help you and can provide full service options like overnight 3D printing, large scale printing, wrapped canvas printing and AutoCAD plotting. When you’re ready to start your job search, they’re also the perfect place to get your resumes and business cards printed!

The LTC will offer three collaboration spaces for NAIT students to work on large projects or to rehearse presentations, which are currently under construction. When completed, the rooms will fit approximately six-10 students and each will include a laptop and projector. These rooms, and the desks and tables throughout the third floor, will provide excellent areas for students to meet and work together.

It can be difficult finding quiet space to study on the NAIT campus, which is why U-210 has been turned into an expanded student study space. Soon to be divided into two areas with a glass division wall to minimize noise, half of the space is filled with study carrels for quiet individual workspaces and the other half offers tables for quiet group work. There will be a multidevice printer in U-210 for quick and convenient printing.

If you haven’t been by the Teaching and Learning Commons yet this year, check out all of the exciting changes happening in U-210 and U-310 and take advantages of all of the resources they offer to the NAIT community.


Danielle Fuechtmann

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