Photo essay: Trans Rights Rally on February 3

by | Mar 19, 2024 | Media

Hundreds gathered in Dr. Wilbert McIntyre Park on February 3 to protest new Alberta legislation that would restrict the rights of trans people in Alberta. The proposed legislation would restrict gender-reassignment surgery to those under 17 and ban hormone therapy for anyone under 15. During the video in which Premier Danielle Smith introduced the legislation, she also mentioned exploring restrictions on transgender athletes participating in sports.

A protestor wears a trans pride flag as a cape. The flag has blue and pink stripes and it billows in the wind.
A protestor wears a trans pride flag as a cape.
a crowd of people with their backs towards the camera, some sitting and some standing, are protesting anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. some are wearing rainbows or trans flags.
Crowds gather at Dr. Wilbert McIntyre Park near Whyte Ave to protest the proposed legislation.
A protestor holds a sign that reads "My classroom will always be a safe space." Always and safe space are written larger than the other words. It's handwritten with black marker on white paper.
A protestor holds a sign reading, “My classroom will always be a safe space.”
The trans-pride flag (blue and pink with white stripes) and the progress-pride flag/intersex flag wave in the wind (rainbow with a triangle near the left edge with brown and black stripes, blue pink and white strips, and a yellow triangle with a blue circle.)
The trans pride flag and the progress-pride and intersex flag wave in the wind.
A sign reads "the trans agenda is an average life expectancy." the sign is white with black writing. it looks as though it has been handwritten. pride flags billow in the background, and you can see the heads of a large crowd.
A sign reads “the trans agenda is an average life expectancy.”
a behind shot of hundreds of people gathered in front of a gazebo. many people carry signs or wave pride flags.
Crowds gather at the gazebo.

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