Parking fines doubled

by | Feb 1, 2018 | News, Uncategorized

NAIT students clamouring for parking spots: be advised. The City of Edmonton’s new parking fine is in place and will hurt the wallet more than in the past.

Due to a new bylaw in effect since Jan. 1, parking without a valid permit or payment stub will cost $100, twice as much as the previous fine of $50. However, fines for illegal parking in an emergency zone or accessible space remain at $50.

NAIT Parking Services says at the moment there are no more parking passes available for this semester but students should check back consistently as spots do open up over time.

Costs fluctuate between $71-94 per month for those parking passes depending on the location.

In addition to the heavier costs, students are being reminded that their vehicle will be towed if they park without a permit in:
– Reserved stalls
– Accessible stalls
– No parking zones
– Emergency access routes
– Within five metres of crosswalks,
intersections, fire hydrants, yield signs or stop signs.

-Michael Menzies, Senior Editor

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