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By: Joe Lipovski

This month, NAITSA conducted their annual survey. The survey received more then the 2000 expected participants. Communications and engagement director, Jenny Lau, has kept a close eye on the users of the tablets throughout the duration
of the survey.

Photo Courtesy NAITSA

Lau has moved the survey kiosks in order to make sure that each tablet is getting as much use as possible. This resulted in kiosks being placed in E and O buildings, as well as HP and CAT, having the majority of the survey kiosks. Lau also had kiosks at Patricia and Souch Campuses.

“I’m happy if we go beyond 2000 people and we have already hit that mark. So right now it’s all gravy for me,” said Lau.

Lau puts kiosks close together to allow the survey to be a group activity.

“I find this year has been more engaging. People like to do these surveys with their friends,” said Lau.

Lau said that one of the reasons a higher number of students participated in the survey is because students are entered into the draw. Prizes for the draw include a MacBook and Oilers tickets. Lau also reserves some of the draw prizes specifically for students at Patricia and Souch campuses.

Lau said NAITSA provides more incentive with their prizes, whereas NAIT sticks to online surveys. A prize for a draw usually includes a coffee gift card.

Many students said they received emails, prompting them to participate in a survey for NAIT, but that they choose not to complete the survey because they felt busy or stressed. Other students said they simply forget about online surveys, because not only do they get too many emails, but it also comes down to time management.

Although participating in the survey enters the student in a draw, many students said they are just as interested in the convenience and simplicity of the survey. One student said she feels it’s necessary to give NAITSA this vital feedback, because of how much NAITSA has done for students.

The survey uses similar questions every year. But this term, Lau said they included several additional questions about The Nugget than they have in previous years due to the greater outreach methods the new team of editors is utilizing to engage readers.

Lau explained that the data NAITSA is most interested in is how much of the student body wants a fall break. Many students said they feel strongly about the services provided by the service hub and liked what NAITSA is doing in that area, like the Peer Support Centre.

Lau tries to include students enrolled in night courses as well. However, because the tablets are battery powered, they have to be plugged in overnight. This makes many of the survey kiosks unavailable for those students.

Photo Source: NAITSA

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