Over 150 student work opportunities for current students and graduates

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The NAIT career centre has been steadily updating its catalogue of job openings for students and alumni despite the ongoing pandemic.

Cindy Bustamante, Career and Employment Liaison with NAIT’s Career Services said that there have been 152 new job postings added in the last month alone. The most popular industries have been business, civil engineering technology, IT, construction engineering technology, and health sciences.

She said the pandemic creates challenges for employers seeking worthy candidates when traditional interviews are not allowed due to COVID-19.

“I think it’s a challenge for employers. You can’t meet students face to face. On the other hand, there is an opportunity for employers to meet in different ways,” said Bustamante.

Despite these challenges, Bustamante said employers are conducting interviews through other ways to select suitable applicants to work for them.

“[Employers] send a link to a video that asks interview questions that [applicants] would have to record themselves answering. It allows them to filter out the students who don’t fit their organization while still giving the student the opportunity to stand out,” said Bustamante.

“The resume may not look as great but maybe their personality and their drive to learn are what that company is looking for.”

Despite the pandemic affecting work opportunities for students, NAIT Career Services adds new job postings daily to help students reach their potential after graduating.

“We didn’t have a month where there hadn’t been any new employers. We’re very fortunate with the reputation of NAIT in the industry. They hire our students because of the good quality education,” said Bustamante.

Bustamante also provided some useful tips and insight on what employers look for when hiring students.

“Highlight your education and make sure it’s relevant to the job you’re applying to. Add your volunteer experience. Any experience can promote those skills and build those skills,” she said.

“Include campus clubs and showcase projects – it shows a lot of leadership work and effectively communicating to get projects done.”

Bustamante added that a well-written resume plays a big part in the hiring process. It is the first impression employers and big companies have on students.

“The resume should look professional and reviewed for formatting and spelling. It will get it booted out of the system if there is a spelling error or formatting mistake,” she said.

Students can access job postings through the MyNAIT portal or click the link here. NAIT Career Services also offers resume and cover letter review services, interview practice and other advising services. Bookings can be made through the MyNAIT portal.

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