Online Orientation Reaches All Students

by | Aug 31, 2020 | News

By Chris Avery

NAIT’s student orientation has gone virtual in an attempt to reach all students.

The multimedia learning tool takes about two to three hours to complete and is accessible through your Moodle account. It offers new students an in-depth look at the future of student life.

The topics covered present a broad overview of future student life, whether online or on campus. The tour starts with a personal welcome message from President and CEO of NAIT, Laura Jo Gunter.

“We remain committed to providing you with the polytechnic education you need for a rewarding career,” said Gunter in her message. “I wish each of you all the best with your program.”

The orientation format is broken down into 10 sections, with each section being referred to as a “course”. Such courses include “Important Information to Know” and “Life on Campus”.

Each course attempts to describe the new normal at NAIT to help ease future and current students into this period of transition. Each course is then finalized by an activity at the end, followed by a quiz to review the information provided by the module.

At the beginning of the tour, the orientation provides an overview of the different areas of study. The four main schools offered at NAIT are: the JR Shaw School of Business, the School of Applied Science and Technology, the School of Health and Life Sciences, and the School of Skilled Trades.

The lesson by lesson approach continues with helpful graphics and a Q&A to help students grasp the new reality of student life. It provides a brief discussion of polytechnic education and what this means at NAIT.

“It means that the curriculum you learn is developed in consultation with industry. Students are getting the most up to date training and are prepared to enter the workforce with the necessary technical and career-essential skills, based on industry needs,” states the module.

One notable course, “Support Services and Resources,” offers students a variety of tools to help them adjust to student life. This course is broken up into two lessons:

Lesson one contains the Academic Supports available to students. These include sub-sections with information about Learning Services or Library Services, and even Student Awards & Financial Aid.

Lesson two contains information regarding Health and Wellness and the relevant supports.

“Our Health and Wellness services include Student Counselling, Peer Support, Safe Spaces, Health Services and Recreation Services,” says the module.

With the ability to transition between lessons and sections at the click of a mouse, the new virtual Student Orientation 2020 offers an advanced way of experiencing student life from wherever students may be.

The information is easily accessible through the NAIT website. Just look for the area entitled “Getting Started at NAIT,” and you will find yourself well on the path to becoming an active member of the student body.

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