November Recap: 5 Things You NEED To Know As A NAIT Student

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By Jerilyn Kotelniski, NAITSA President & Acting VP External

Apply for the Covid-19 Student Relief Bursary until December 4.

NAIT & NAITSA worked together to fund this $100,000 bursary. The bursary will help students who are experiencing urgent financial burdens associated with travel, relocation, medical costs, and lost wages due to COVID-19. Applications for the fall semester close on December 4, 2020.

If you’re struggling financially, reach out to financial aid and see if the Covid-19 Emergency Student Bursary is available for your situation. Learn more here.

No U-Pass for Winter 2021

There will not be a U-Pass for Winter 2021, therefore, your fees will be reduced by $180 for that semester. NAITSA has been working hard with transit authorities to come up with solutions for students who need access to transit.

Winter 2021 transportation options include:

• buying a book of ETS Youth bus tickets ($19 for 10 tickets)

• buying an ETS Youth monthly pass at a rate of $72.50 (instead of the adult pass of $97)

• applying for the low income Ride Transit Program through ETS (please note: this is a temporary measure until April 30, 2021, and will not be a long term solution. If you have already applied for the Ride Transit Program, you do not need to reapply as your acceptance is valid until August 15, 2021)

Also, if you paid for both your semesters in full, your account may have been already charged for the Winter 2021 U-Pass. If that is the case, please note that NAIT has started to process refunds and you will be able to see the credit on your account soon.

NAITSA fees continue to be adjusted for the Winter 2021 and Spring/Summer 2021 semesters.

Students are paying $8.90 per credit, down from $14.55 for in class credit students.

• Your NAITSA fee has been adjusted for the Winter 2021 semester which means that it is the same maximum amount ($79.90) for every credit student, regardless of whether online or blended. What that works out to is $8.90 per credit, which is down from $14.55 per credit for full and part time in class students.

• For previous credit students who took in class sessions, this is a potential savings of up to $51. For apprenticeship students, check the fees page on the website.

If you have questions or would like more information, please go to and ask through our live chat feature.

Nimbus Tutoring App has launched! Have you downloaded it?

The NAIT Department of Student Learning and Development, and NAITSA, have partnered up with Nimbus Learning, a mobile learning platform provider, to ensure that we can easily provide support for as many courses as possible at NAIT while making the booking, communication and scheduling process as easy as can be.

We are looking for knowledgeable tutors who possess a 75% or above grade in the course(s) they wish to tutor. As a tutor, you can gain valuable tutoring experience, choose your hourly pay rate and choose your own availability. Learn more here!

Federal Advocacy Launch!

At NAITSA, through our provincial advocacy organization, the Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC), we have teamed up with the British Columbia Federation of Students (BCFS), and various student associations in Saskatchewan.

Together, we have created a federal advocacy coalition that enlists over 250,000 post-secondary students.

It is student-led, non-partisan, and focused on post-secondary student issues. The long-term hope for this coalition is to create a new, more flexible model for federal student advocacy in Canada. More to come on this exciting development!

As a reminder, our office will be closed from Friday, Dec. 18th, and will reopen (virtually) on Monday, Jan. 4, 2021.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please reach out on the NAITSA website by using live chat or feel free to email us at!

Wishing you the best on your final projects and exams,

Jerilyn Kotelniski
President & Acting VP External, NAITSA

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