No snow, no problem

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There may not be snow on the ground but that didn’t stop some airborne antics in the Nest parking lot on Friday, March 4. NAITSA partnered with Monster Energy and others to bring X-Games athletes Brett Turcotte and Heath Frisby on campus for an aerial spectacle.

Turcotte and Frisby showcased their X-Games skills in a freestyle snowmobile demonstration, launching upwards into the sky and flying from ramp to ramp just outside the Nest’s doors. The lack of snow didn’t inhibit the mobility of the snowmobiles, as they had small wheels installed on their skis to ensure mobility.

The freestyle show was a new outlet for NAITSA to engage with students and the partnership with Monster Energy allowed the Students’ Association to bring a large event to campus for a relatively low cost. Monster Energy took on most of the costs in organizing the event, allowing NAIT students to enjoy a free show and have the opportunity to win free prizes.

The athletes themselves also have their own claim to fame. Both medallists in past Winter X-Games, Frisby and Turcotte have demonstrated considerable skill in the sport. Frisby landed the first ever front-flip at the 2012 Winter X Games and demonstrated that feat over the asphalt. Turcotte has pulled off back-flips in competition and also demonstrated the accomplishment last week for the students in attendance.

Between airborne sessions, students gathered in the Nest to listen to the experiences of the athletes through their careers. The event was wrapped up with autographs and questions from students. This event may be the first of many sponsored by Monster Energy, so NAIT students may be able to look forward to similar events on campus in the future.

Nicolas Brown, Issues Editor

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