Nintendo buys former movie studio Dynamo Pictures

by | Oct 26, 2022 | Opinion

Lots of Nintendo fans are excited for the new Super Mario Bros. Movie coming out in April of 2023, but what’s been hiding in in the dark is that Nintendo bought the Dynamo Pictures movie studio. Reports say Nintendo gained partial ownership of the studio around July, but only took full ownership on October 3rd. A name change to Nintendo Pictures soon followed.

Nintendo hasn’t officially announced if they are making more movies or if they are going to use the new studio for cutscenes in games. On the new website, however, they made a few comments in Japanese that in English translates to:

“We aim to create images that are unlike any other. We are always thinking about what our customers around the world will find interesting. We will work hard to create an organization that can continue to grow. Beyond generations, beyond eras, to customers all over the world, we continue to provide unique and surprising images.”

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Dynamo Pictures has worked in the animation field for over 30 years, creating CG content for movies and TV shows, like “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” and “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, as well as games like “Dark Souls 3”.

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