New student senators chosen

by | Oct 25, 2017 | News, Uncategorized

After a nearly week long campaign, the 2017-18 NAITSA Senators are confirmed but with spots still available. The results were announced Oct. 11, and now 14 of the 18 candidates representing the program groups at NAIT are locked into place.

Overall, Leanne Mills, NAITSA administration director, was very pleased with the voter turnout which exceeded 20 per cent response on three of the program groups. But with four vacancies from the Skill Trades & Apprenticeships, Culinary & Hospitality, and Engineering Technologies, Academic Upgrading program groups, the full Senate isn’t set.

“Our bylaws allow for our president at NAITSA to call for a special meeting to appoint senators to the vacant seats,” said Mills. She said that any students in the program groups that have a vacant seat are welcome to attend that special appointment meeting. They should also bring others from their program to vote for them as a candidate.

“Those vacant seats will be filled at that meeting that night. So that when we go into meeting No. 2, that Wednesday after, hopefully all the seats in Senate will be full,” said Mills.

That special appointment meeting has been called for Monday, Oct. 30 at 4:30 p.m. in Room X-107.

– Michael Menzies, Senior Editor

– Photo by NAIT


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