New handball facility opening in Edmonton

by | Mar 14, 2022 | News

By Kaytlyn Poberznick

Edmonton’s very own handball facility is opening up. The facility hasn’t had its grand opening quite yet, but they’re still managing to get some bookings in advance. 

Level 1 Sports inc. dedicates themselves to supporting local organizations and clubs. Tyrell Johnston, the founder of the facility, has a big passion for the handball world and wants to make an impact on people who struggle to find a place to play.

“The reason I began this project is because I grew up in the handball world, and handball has always had issues getting gym time, especially being second to basketball and volleyball. The competition for gym time in Edmonton is very fierce,” said Johnston. 

“Pre-COVID, Alberta Team Handball Federation (ATHF) had their biggest year ever in terms of active members and was still growing. Sadly, the amount of facilities needed could not be met. I saw a clear gap and decided it was time to fill the void.” 

Being a highly decorated athlete in the field of handball, Johnston has been a part of the sport for a while and is happy to bring his expertise to the table.

“I began playing handball in grade 8 at Hillcrest Jr High. Since then, I have progressed to playing on Team Canada, Team Alberta, semi-pro in Denmark, and coaching the U21 Alberta men’s team,” said Johnston. 

“My passion has always been playing with the provincial team, where I’ve had more chances to excel. With Team Alberta, I have won over 12 medals at nationals, with 3 of them being gold. I would have to say my best achievement was winning MVP at the Canadian National Championships in Edmonton. I have also been on the Alberta Team Handball Federation board for 6 to 7 years.”

This facility is not solely dedicated to handball. There are plenty of opportunities for other groups to use the courts.

This will be available to anyone looking for some space to play sports. It will be group bookings for clubs, teams, or even groups of friends. We’re excited to host handball, and volleyball clubs and teams, as well as help other sports grow, like pickleball,” said Johnston.

Check out their website and Instagram to keep up with their upcoming events and for more information. 

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