Networking Opportunities for NAIT Students & Alum

by | Sep 13, 2019 | News, Uncategorized

By Nicole Murphy

NAIT has launched a networking program to connect students with alumni, and alumni with others more advanced in their career.

“Our alumni are out doing so many great things in the world. So it is really great to be able to connect with each other and see what others are doing and learn more,” said Nicole Rose, Alumni Relations Officer.

The program, called NAIT Hub, works with individual profiles that specifically detail what each person is looking for in a networking connection. There are options to be matched with someone who has more or less experience.

After a match is made you can meet in person or digitally for a one time chat. Then you can repeat the process with someone new.

“Some mentoring programs can be intimidating because there is such a big commitment on both ends, so this is really to grow your network,” said Rose.

The NAIT Hub launched the alumni profiles first and already has over 270 people signed up. Students will have access to create their own profiles starting September 18, 2019.

NAIT received a $20,000 grant from RBC Future Launch to be part of a nationwide pilot group trying out the software created by Ten Thousand Coffees, a company out of Toronto.

A study released by The Alder Group found that 85% of jobs are filled by networking, so RBC Future Launch and Ten Thousand Coffees wanted to help curate that process with schools across Canada.

Besides setting up meet ups with other people, the Hub will also, “provide tips, tricks, ice breakers and best practices–helping you make the most of your connections,” according to the RBC Future Launch page.

In order for NAIT to receive the grant money again next year, 400 people have to be signed up by December.

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