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Student elections took place last February, providing the student body with a brand new executive team. The NAIT Students’ Association council consists of a president, a VP Academic, VP External and VP Student Services. This might leave you thinking, “Yeah, so what? What do they actually do for me anyway?” NAITSA has a lot to offer everyone, really. As NAITSA President Justin Nand says “the most important things that NAITSA does for the student body is represent them during academic grievances, which is what our VP academic does. So, if a student is having trouble with an instructor, they can come to our VP Academic and get more information and have someone represent them and help them in the situation.


Another thing that NAITSA does for the student body is having the foundations to start enjoying clubs. We provide funding for clubs, equipment and facilities for them to use so that any interests in program based clubs that they have, [allow them to] join or become part of leadership, or they may start a club themselves.” NAITSA also has the service centre, which consists of four parts – a food centre, the U-PASS headquarters, health and dental insurance and emergency student loans, he said.
Getting acquainted with your student government can help make your time at NAIT better in a variety of different ways. Your VP External is required to communicate and develop relationships with students and staff on all satellite campuses in order to become a proactive advocate for full-time, part-time, international, apprenticeship and continuing education students with the NAIT institution and all levels of government. Keep in mind that the VP External can’t advocateunless you communicate! If VP External can’t help you, maybe VP Student Services can! What do you want to see campus life look like? VP Student Services can make sure that all the events and activities hosted are exactly what you are looking for to engage in student life on campus. Get involved, because change only happens when you participate.

Elyssa Teslyk

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