NAITSA shines a spotlight on role model students

by | Oct 20, 2021 | News

By Zeah Spiegel

The Executive Council at NAIT’s Students’ Association created an Ooks Student Spotlight to highlight role model students. The program started this summer but wasn’t announced until September of this school year. The program recognizes students who have demonstrated school spirit towards their learning and peers.

Jorgia Moore, NAITSA Vice President Internal, explains how the Ooks Student Spotlight celebrates students who are involved in the greater community. Students can nominate a fellow student who expresses great school pride.

“Anyone can nominate any student, and it doesn’t matter how many nominations a student gets. The student who nominates will write a brief description of why the student deserves the Ooks Student Spotlight,” said Moore.

There are certain qualities the student should have in order to be nominated, and NAITSA picks the right candidate based on these criterias.

“There are four criterias [and] the student has to demonstrate one of the four. That’s school spirit, involvement in the greater community, respect to your classmates, learning, and staff,” said Moore.

“Once they are nominated it goes to a selection committee within NAITSA. There’s a couple of different departments that will look over it. There’s also an EDI lens applied so we can ensure students from all different backgrounds are getting recognized,” said Moore.

After a candidate is chosen, the student will receive an email. The email contains information the team will need to make the Ooks Student Spotlight post. The spotlight post will be announced through Facebook, Instagram, and also the NAITSA monthly newsletter.

“Once a student is selected, we email them and ensure that they want to be spotlighted and that they are okay with it. If they are, they send us photos they would like to be used as well as some fun facts and background about them,” said Moore.

The Ooks Student Spotlight winner receives a prize for their hard work and dedication. The student who nominates their classmate will also get a prize through the program.

“Just by nominating a student, you get the cute little Ooklet […]. The student that is selected for the Student Spotlight gets $20 to The Nest and a virtual badge. It is a badge of recognition for being the Ooks Student Spotlight [winner], it lays out what the student demonstrated. That’s a badge you can bring forward to employers,” said Moore.

Moore explains what makes this program special and how it celebrates student school pride.

“It was special given [that] this last year it’s been really hard for students [because of] the pandemic. So it’s good that you get recognized for what you’re doing and recognized for being a good example of Ooks pride, and building that school spirit, and recognizing all the different individuals that make NAIT the place that it is,” said Moore.

To nominate a student, go to the forms section at Just by nominating a classmate, students will receive a little recognition as well.

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