NAITSA seeking new peer supporters

by | Apr 13, 2021 | News

Peer support applications are now open and are ready for students to apply.

Karen Guasca, a peer support coordinator at NAIT, said if you enjoy listening and helping others, this may be the right job to apply for.

“[In peer support] you learn how to listen to people. You get training and experience, and you will learn how to listen to people without judgment and learn about mental health challenges that people are facing,” said Guasca.

Peer support is a confidential support service run by NAIT students. Students can schedule to talk to a peer supporter about any sort of problems.

“Peer support is a service we provide to all NAIT students. It’s an anonymous and confidential support service. So if a student is struggling or having a bad time or needs to talk about something they’re struggling with, we offer this service,” said Guasca.

Peer support is a year-long position that any student can apply to.

“Anyone can apply. For now, we require that students will be students in the fall and winter terms. Basically, it’s that and that they have the ability to remain calm and professional when people are talking. You have to be empathic and like to listen,” said Guasca.

All peer support students are given mental health training and are expected to pick up shifts throughout the week.

“First students have to go through our training for two weeks. We explain everything about the positions as well as teach them how to listen properly about basic topics. After that, we do role plays on how to speak with students. Then they have to accept a shift. Right now, we have a live chat, so peer supporters have to be there waiting for students,” said Guasca.

For more information or to apply, check here.

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