NAITSA Hosts In-Person Scavenger Hunt Around Edmonton

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Arts & Life

NAITSA is holding their second in-person event of the year on April 27 by hosting a scavenger hunt around downtown Edmonton.

Aneep Brar, an events coordinator for NAITSA, said students will enjoy the outdoors and challenging themselves while having an in-person event.

“We have an app that will be using some landmarks around downtown Edmonton for students to explore the outdoors and our downtown in a fun and interactive way. You’ll get some hints, and you have to find the landmark or location, and then you’ll get the next hint, and they’ll be challenged throughout the route to make it more interactive,” said Brar.

Brar said there will be different events set up throughout the scavenger hunt route to make the hunt more interactive for participants.

“To make it more engaging for our NAIT students we’ll be setting up some stations just for the participants, and there will be the spinning wheel that we used to use for our pop-ups at campus for students who haven’t gotten the chance to do that before. We also have games and will be taking polaroid pictures,” said Brar.

NAITSA believes this event is important and hopes students use this opportunity to connect with other students and win prizes.

“We’re trying to give away swag items to students who didn’t get a chance to gather throughout the year as they used to on campus,” said Brar.

Tickets are still available for purchase and are five dollars for NAIT students and ten dollars for non-NAIT students. To learn more, check here.

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