NAIT vet clinic now taking male cat patients

by | Mar 12, 2021 | News

The NAIT animal health clinic is now accepting cat neutering patients.

Elly Paslawsky, an educational lab technologist at the animal health clinic, said they will now be accepting appointments for male cats to help keep stray and kitten populations down.

“The services we provide are for NAIT staff and current students. We believe cats should be neutered. There’s a huge problem with cat overpopulation within the city and feral cats, especially at the city center,” said Paslawsky.

Paslawsky said overpopulation rates of cats start at the beginning of spring.

“We see the most strays and kittens start around spring in the city,” said Paslawsky.

The clinic is not currently open to the public as it is a learning clinic, and they want to keep prices low.

“We only charge based on an administrative fee, and NAIT is a pretty big place when you look at the students and staff, and it’s kind of a perk. We’re a functioning veterinarian clinic, but we’re like a clinic classroom, so the services we provide are what students are learning,” said Paslawsky.

Paslawsky said the clinic offers a variety of pet services at affordable prices. All cat and dog vaccinations, neuters, and spays range between $30 to $50.

To book an appointment for cat neutering or to learn more, the clinic can be reached at 780-491-3151.

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