NAIT students raise over $1000 for charity

by | Apr 9, 2021 | News

An NR92 marketing campaign was able to raise over a thousand dollars for the Edmonton Children’s Stollery.

Adrian St. Onge, a radio student at NAIT, and a group of friends teamed up with Extra Life Edmonton to play video games for a cause.

“Extra LIfe is a non-for-profit group where you stream video games online on Twitch or, in our case, Discord, and all the funds raised go straight to the Stollery Children Hospital. We figured we were playing Halo anyways so we might as well do it for a cause,” said St. Onge.

St. Onge said they weren’t expecting donations and were hoping students would instead give their time.

“Being college students, we weren’t anticipating anyone to donate. We were hoping they would donate their time and join the cause and join the Discord because we were in the mentality that I may not be able to afford a hundred dollars today, but nothing says I can’t a year from now,” said St. Onge.

Although the campaign is over, St. Onge and the team want to continue the live streams and continue to bring awareness to the hospital.

“There’s been some murmuring between the guys at NR92 saying that this was a ton of fun, and now that we have proof of concept, we might just continue for fun,” said St. Onge.

For anyone who wants to join, the Discord is still open, and donations are always welcome.

“For people wanting to make a change or make a difference, you can donate to our Extra Life page and join the Discord. Just because you don’t have money to donate now, that doesn’t mean that a couple of years down the line, when you have a solid foundation,” said St. Onge.

To join the Discord or to make a donation, check here.

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