NAIT students get access to MacEwan’s pool

by | Oct 4, 2021 | News

With the closure of NAIT’s pool comes new opportunities. NAIT’s students and staff now have the chance to take a deep dive into Grant MacEwan’s pool facilities, all that is needed is the one AT NAIT Card. 

Carole Holt, the Well-Being Manager at NAIT, says the process is much like using their one Card on NAIT’s campus.

“They need to have their one Card with them, they will scan it when they get there, and it will validate those who [have] paid [their] recreation athletics fee as a student. Then they will have access to this facility,” said Holt.

There are many ways to enjoy the facility, and what it has to offer students and staff. 

“We certainly encourage our students and staff to try it out. It’s a great facility. It’s good for public swimming, lane swimming, and they’ve got some great aquatic programs as well,” said Holt.

On top of being able to swim, students can get some discounts on the programs offered.

“There’s a 10 percent discount on eligible aquatic and registered programs,” said Holt.

There are day lockers available to rent and use inside the facility. Because it’s MacEwan’s facility, hours may not be the same as NAIT’s. 

“People can go to that website and get the most up-to-date information so that they know when they can show up and swim,” said Holt.

Students can expect to follow Covid-19 guidelines and any other safety protocols while using the facility. 

“They’ll follow all of MacEwan’s policies and procedures there. It would be similar to any other member that has a facility pass into the MacEwan centre,” said Holt.

Students can expect to have access for the school year when the facility is open. 

“If the need is there, I think this makes sense for us to provide this opportunity for our students and staff to access aquatic programming throughout the school year.”

Students can continue to get updates on programs such as this through the Well-Being Newsletter, and on NAIT’s website.

With the change in restriction, make sure to check MacEwan’s update on their website before heading over for a swim.

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