NAIT soccer player making all the right moves off the field

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Sports

By Adel Ahmed

GoFundMe pages have become a staple in the world of fundraising. One NAIT athlete has been utilizing the platform as a way to help raise money for third-world countries in need. 

Photo provided by Sarah Moorji

Sarah Moorji, fourth-year midfielder for NAIT’s women’s soccer team, created the GoFundMe page at the beginning of COVID as a way to honour her late grandparents. Having graduated from the Disaster and Emergency Management program at NAIT in 2020, starting a fundraiser was second nature to her.

 “I wanted to support individuals in third world countries and those who don’t have the basic necessities of life, so like food, water, and books for education,” said Moorji. “The fundraiser also supported emergency preparedness and recovery methods.”

When the Academic All-Canadian first started the fundraiser, dedicating it to her grandparents was one of her priorities. “They meant the world to me,” said Moorji. 

“My grandfather had installed so many good qualities in me that should be envisioned amongst every individual. He had dreams and aspirations that he conquered through his dedication. He loved offering, so I thought it would be a perfect way to kind of honour him that way.” 

Although Moorji never had the chance to meet her grandmother, she is still a big part of Moorji’s life. 

“I felt like I knew everything about her through stories. I wish I could have witnessed her kindness and thoughtfulness and her amazing cooking,” said Moorji. 

“She is a true representation of an amazing individual.”

Through the support of family, friends, and social media, the fundraiser was a huge success. The three-time National Scholar raised over $3,000 for the Aga Khan Foundation, one that is near and dear to Moorji’s heart.

“Both of my parents loved the organization so I thought it would be a perfect fit to donate to them,” said Moorji.

Starting a fundraiser during the beginning of a pandemic was initially a concern for Moorji. “I was kind of worried if this was the perfect time to do it, but everybody rallied together,” said Moorji. 

“Through my friends, peers, and my family, everybody helped me and made it happen and made me feel so proud and happy that I have such a great support system.”

The two-time ACAC All-Conference athlete initially planned the fundraiser to be a one-time event. However, she is currently working on making the fundraiser an annual event to continue helping out those in need.

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