NAIT Ooks passes

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Sports

Sports are back! This means live sporting events, and what better way to watch than in-person? 

NAIT offers both game day passes and season tickets at the concession. Although each university has different ticket prices for each game, NAIT has a consistent fee to ease the game day stress. 

All sporting events are free for NAIT students, as long as you have your student ID. Students from outside NAIT get a student rate of five dollars, and adults pay 10 dollars to get a seat in the stands. Children under 12 can save some money and get into the gym or arena for free. And all sporting events are free for NAIT students as long as you have your student ID available. 

Since most regular seasons for the Ooks teams are more than one or two home games, season passes are available for purchase. They are 50 dollars a piece and are sold at the concession. They will be sold for the first three weeks of play in case a fan needs to purchase one later. 

All tickets purchased to watch NAIT games cannot be used at other institutions. For more information visit the NAIT Ooks website.

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