NAIT No Longer Zone for E-scooters

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By Eryn Pinksen

NAIT is no longer a zone for Lime scooters. Scooters are not permitted on private property as defined by the e-scooter bylaw with the City of Edmonton and NAIT has been removed from Lime’s interactive map.

Protective Services Manager, Darrin Kirk, explains that Lime brought e-scooters to NAIT and included the area as a zone without NAIT’s permission.

“NAIT’s Main Campus and satellite campuses are considered private property,” said Kirk. “NAIT has not granted permission to either of the two vendors (or their users) to operate on NAIT property.”

After their launch on Aug. 17, Kirk attempted to contact Lime the following Monday. He made contact with the operations manager on September 3 and received confirmation that NAIT property would be removed as a ‘hotspot’.

“We discussed NAIT’s current position as a private property owner to prohibit e-scooter use on NAIT property,” said Kirk. “[Lime] understands NAIT’s current stance and has already taken efforts to inform [its] contracted Lime support staff, aka: “juicers”, that e-scooters are not to be parked on NAIT property by his staff.”

NAIT is now a no park or ride zone and Kirk has seen less scooters on campus, but there is still the occasional e-scooter around.

Lime Technology Inc. and Bird Canada Inc. are the two approved e-scooter vendors that are regulated by the City of Edmonton. The scooters can only be operated on City property in bicycle lanes, shared-use paths and roads with a speed limit of 50 kilometres per hour or less.

E-scooters are not permitted on sidewalks, park trails or roads with speed limits greater than 50 km/h. They are also not permitted on private property without permission.

Outside of the zones scooters will drop from 20 km/h to eight km/h.
Any non-emergency issues regarding e-scooters operation, parking or abandonment on NAIT property can be reported to Protective Services at 780-471-7477.

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