NAIT marketing executive departs for new role

by | Mar 22, 2021 | News

Sandra Marocco, vice president of industry partnerships and chief marketing officer of NAIT’s executive team, is transferring to a new position at Alberta Blue Cross.

Morocco will become the vice president of marketing and customer experience at Blue Cross and take on the role in May.

“My new role is dealing with all of the marketing intelligence, assets as well as customer service. Also, dealing with data scientists and data analysts and getting close to the customers,” said Morocco.

During her time at NAIT, Morocco shares what she has been most proud of and how she felt she contributed to the institution.

“One would be in industry solutions, directing our client-facing teams and doing that in a way that puts our customers at the centre of their experience with NAIT, that is, our industry partners. It was a fundamental shift and allowed us to bring capacity around business development around market research. Bringing that collaborative approach and cross-functional view to our organization has been my greatest contribution to NAIT,” said Marocco.

Marocco believes that NAIT’s future will hold great things for students and recommends not sticking to a strict career path.

“Be flexible and agile in your career path. What you think you’re going to do today will most certainly change. You have to be open to new opportunities. The path you have today, give yourself the freedom to veer from that because it’s pretty rewarding,” said Marocco.

Being a member of the executive team and collaborating to improve the sector, Marocco felt that her short time at NAIT was fulfilling.

“Although I’ve only been at NAIT for two years, I could say it has been one of the most profound experiences of my entire career. The commitment to our customers and advancing Alberta has been inspiring,” said Marocco.

Marocco said that she will miss the liveliness, and people that made the institution a good place to work at.

“What I will miss about NAIT is the people. They are amazing. I’ll also miss the energy of what a post-secondary campus offers, the vibrancy, hope, and optimism for the future,” said Marocco.

Darlene Crowell will fill in as Interim VP of External Relations.

Crowell holds years of experience in marketing, communications, and fundraising in a post-secondary environment. She was previously VP of Market Communications and Engagement for Energy Efficiency Alberta.

She will take over for Marocco beginning March 23.

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