NAIT launches two new post-diploma programs

by | Mar 18, 2021 | News

NAIT is launching two new programs in the fall 2021-22 term: cybersecurity and data analytics.

The new cybersecurity post-diploma program will teach students about emerging cybersecurity issues and how to navigate evolving cyber threats, said Sue Fitzsimmons, vice president academic and provost at NAIT.

“We’re pleased to be launching two new certificate programs in data analytics and cybersecurity, some of the most sought-after skills in our increasingly digital world. These new programs are part of our vision to support learners throughout their careers with opportunities to further their education and upgrade their skills,” said Fitzsimmons.

The new program chair, John Zabiuk, believes the pandemic has opened the doors to more cyberattacks.

“Some cybersecurity firms report a 250 to 350 per cent increase in attacks in the past year. This leaves organizations and individual’s online information open to compromise,” said Zabiuk.

Zabiuk said current cybersecurity strategies are no longer effective and that the program will aim to teach students how to defend against cyberattacks legally.

“Current cybersecurity strategies are no longer working against modern attacks and threats, and while we have the technology to defend against cyberattacks, there are gaps in understanding why and how we’re protecting our online information. Working with information technology industry experts, we’ve developed a program that will address these gaps,” said Zabiuk.

NAIT will also be launching the new data analytics post-diploma program.

Dennis Sheppard, Dean, JR Shaw School of Business at NAIT said the program will teach students how to analyze and make predictions for business planning.

“NAIT’s program will allow students to leverage education and help boost their careers into high gear. Big data and business intelligence are key differentiators in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world,” said Sheppard.

Registration is open for both programs for the fall 2021 term. To learn more, check here.

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