NAIT Hosts Virtual Career Planning Workshop

by | Feb 7, 2021 | News, Uncategorized

By Kallandra Weatherbee

NAIT’s new workshop, “Writing your own career story,” is helping students with job skills and career planning.

The session will be taking place on Feb. 9 and 11. Katherine Klemp, career advisor with student learning and development at NAIT, said this session will help NAIT students learn about career planning.

“Writing your own career story is about career planning, with the understanding that careers are not linear and the path your career takes can be influenced by new experiences and unexpected opportunities,” said Klemp.

Klemp believes this program gives students a way to plan their futures in the job market and connect with other students.

“This session gives students the opportunity to learn about career-related topics, to consider where they are at in their career journey and to interact with others. It’s also an opportunity to connect with like-minded people,” said Klemp.

Klemp said the session will help students learn about changes and the skills needed in the job market.

“Throughout the session, we hope to generate awareness of the importance of being open to serendipity. We hope attendees leave the session understanding that their career story will constantly be evolving, and we hope that they consider that there may be a richness and sense of satisfaction that can be found in being open to new opportunities that previously may have never been considered,” said Klemp.

More information and a link to sign up can be found here.

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