NAIT Career Services to host hiring fair; immediate opportunities, expanded network

by | Mar 13, 2024 | News

NAIT Career Services is hosting a hiring fair on March 19 to support students about to graduate and recent alumni in their career endeavours. The upcoming hiring fair will focus on companies that can offer immediate employment opportunities to NAIT alumni and graduate students. “The expectation is that the job that they [the employers] are posting and recruiting for does not require much experience,” said the Supervisor of Transition Services at NAIT Career Services, Courtney Warren.

For students who don’t have much work experience, Warren emphasized that they still have skills to highlight at the hiring fair, especially at an institution like NAIT, where hands-on learning and practical skills are core components of learning. The hiring fair will allow students to discuss their activities easily missed on a resume, like extra-curricular activities or joining a club. “I don’t want students to discount their experience because they think it’s just work experience; it’s not necessarily that. Though some employers will, some jobs need direct professional experience, and some might be just life experiences and students with skills to bring,” said Warren. “Highlighting those things that they do in the classroom that are really relevant face-to-face with recruiters, I think it provides a really great benefit to the student attending that otherwise might go overlooked in a resume when you submit it online with hundreds of other folks.” 

Showing drive and motivation during the hiring fair and letting the employers know how one’s skill can contribute to their company could also go a long way, said Warren. “Do a little bit of research … target employers that are recruiting for jobs that they are interested in or qualified for,” advised Warren. “Do your homework and have your tailored resume.” 

Attendees are encouraged to put their best foot forward by bringing a copy of their resume and dressing accordingly, as they [the students] will be talking to recruiters and hiring managers of the company. If a student is feeling like they’re a great fit for a company, interview rooms will be available on site.  “So a student, if they wanted to be bold and they wanted to really stand out, they could say,  ‘I would really appreciate if you have the capacity, or you have the time for like a 10 minute interview right now,’” Warren explained. 

To prepare for the hiring fair, interested participants can attend the NAIT Career Services workshop on March 15, which is available both online and in person. To RSVP for the workshop and learn more details, visit Ooks Life .

If a student can’t attend the workshop, the Career Services team has a booth at the hiring fair with an advisor to provide mini-coaching sessions and professional advice. “But we highly suggest the workshop we have available on the 15th,” said Moyo Orekogbe, a Career and Employment Liaison. 

The hiring fair will be on March 19 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the main floor of the CAT building. A list of companies attending and job openings can be found on the Career Service’s website

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