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by | Mar 11, 2021 | News

It can be a struggle for people to prepare for a job when they have no clue how to make a resume stand out. While school is a top priority for most students, it is also a great idea to leverage one’s resume profile to earn the spot on the job.

NAIT career services have dedicated the entire month of March to different job workshops that students can sign up for.

Melissa Myskiw is NAIT’s Career Services academic advisor.

“The benefit to students is they get a full month with a direct focus on job search strategies, and opportunities on how to build their LinkedIn network. Tips on writing their resume, cover letter, and how to best deliver and have a successful interview,” said Myskiw.

NAIT career services have curated a schedule with dedicated topics every week. Students will get a chance to join even if they missed the first day. With a different focus per week, they aim to provide useful information and understanding concerning job strategies.

“We do different types of workshops, one focus a week. Resumes the first week, cover letters the second week, LinkedIn on the third week, and interviews on the fourth week. There are four sessions of each per week,” said Myskiw.

“We also have job talks that happen twice a week that supplement the workshops. All of them are going to be valuable and build on one another. There’s peer, industry people coming in, and HR professionals.”

To better prepare students and make the most value of their time, Myskiw encourages them to bring their resume copy when attending the workshops. Other than getting direct feedback from HR professionals, students can freely ask questions and gain tips on how to take their resumes to the next level.

There is also an option to book a session with NAIT career services to have an in-depth review of their resume profiles. They can book an appointment on their myNAIT portal.

“If they have a copy of their resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn is encouraged so they can refer to it. Take notes. If they visit jobs and careers in their student portal they can book resume, cover letter, LinkedIn reviews, and mock interviews with us. Use the resources that we are offering because we’re here to help,” said Myskiw.

For students who may be busy and would like to attend a workshop but not sure what to join, Myskiw suggests two specific workshops. By attending either one, will provide insight to know what employers look for in terms of qualifications and skills.

“The resume and the LinkedIn will probably be most beneficial because they can learn from it, apply it, book an appointment with us, and review it,” said Myskiw.

Click here to register, book a session, and view all the workshops.

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