NAIT Athletics Turns To Live Streaming

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Sports

With the constant change in restrictions, NAIT Athletics has now been shut down for in-person viewing. Students, staff, and parents can now turn to watch games live online at ACACTV.

All preseason and regular-season games are streaming starting this month. 

“If you know a specific game you want to watch, you can go in, and the link will be there. It’ll take [students] straight to the page,” said Alex Galenza, Athletics Events & Communications Coordinator.

This year ACACTV has decided to make season games pay-per-view, so students can expect to pay to watch games this semester. 

“Any games until November 12 are free to watch on ACACTV, and then from November 12 on, it’s going to be 15 dollars for the whole semester,” said Galenza.

Soccer matches are the exception. Since all the games are being played outside, there are no restrictions in place, although there is still streaming available online. 

NAIT hockey will be receiving some love on NR92, NAIT’s Campus Radio. 

“The commentators are streamed on NR92 for all female and male hockey games,” said Galenza.

The gameday crew is brought to you by NAIT students, all fulfilling their broadcast dreams.

“Commentators, the webcasters, and the cameraman, they’re all NAIT students that we employ,” said Galenza.

“We’re still trying to give the athletes a real college athletics experience. So there’s still going to be a PA, there’s still going to be fun things happening in the arena or the gym.”

Sports lovers can also find links to the games and their favourite team’s schedule on the Ooks website.

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