NAIT Alumni Lives Her Dream Working At Farrow Sandwiches

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By Zeah Spiegel

Amy Mancor, NAIT alumni who completed the baking program 10 years ago and has been living her dream job working as a pastry chef at Farrow Sandwiches.

Farrow is an Edmonton based shop that offers a wide variety of sandwiches, baked goods, and coffee. It is one of the go-to spots for breakfast and lunch that Edmontonians love.

The shop has a special meaning behind its name that many may not have known before.

“Farrow is a sister restaurant to a restaurant called ‘Three Boars’. A farrow is a group of baby pigs. It’s a play on ‘three boars’,” said Mancor.

Not only is Farrow known for their sandwiches, but their cronuts are known to be heavenly and made to perfection. Mancor said their customers are always coming back for more. It’s no doubt they’re the best sellers.

“The Grick, our breakfast sandwich is our best seller and definitely worth the try. As far as pastry, the cronut hands down is the most popular pastry we have. A cronut is a hybrid between a croissant and a donut,” said Mancor.

The pandemic had brought unimaginable challenges to many businesses, but Farrow surprisingly has been lucky that the flow of their business has not been affected all that significantly.

“We’ve honestly been unbelievably blessed and super lucky because we are more of a take out restaurant. We noticed a bit of a slow down however we’ve been very lucky that we haven’t been affected detrimentally,” said Mancor.

The places where Edmontonians choose to grab a bite correlates to how the restaurant presents themselves and their values. Farrow stands out.

“We’re definitely creative with our sandwiches. We have a vegan feature every month and meat feature every month and they’re pretty wild and out there. I think we just wanted to brighten [peoples] day with something fun to eat,” said Mancor.

Farrow holds four locations and their newest location just opened in January. These locations are in Garneau, Ritchie, 124th Street, and Jasper Ave.

They have been serving Edmontonians since day one and their goal has been to give the city the finer things in life.

Check out Farrow at @farrowsandwiches and Amy Mancor at @pseudoughscience.

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