My experience with NAIT Career Advising service

by | Oct 2, 2023 | Opinion

It can be difficult for students to find trustworthy sources for jobs. Recently, I encountered a scammer who contacted me through email. They tried to scam me by giving me a cheque in my name and insisting I buy gift cards with that money. I was aware of this kind of scam, but other students shouldn’t have to take a chance on hazardous email scams when there are resources on campus. 

Students can get work-integrated learning experiences by approaching programs like co-op, internships and the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP). NAIT also has a Career Advising service students can use. This service was promising as they provide job search strategies, career planning, resume and cover letter reviews, LinkedIn profile reviews and interview practice. I booked an appointment for interview practice by submitting my resume and interview call letter. During my mock interview session, I was treated as an interviewee, and my advisor acted as an interviewer. This conversation lasted for over half an hour, and the feedback I received from this interview boosted my confidence in attending job interviews. I had applied for jobs on job boards previously, but I failed to pass the interviews. I realized I need more, not just good grades, to get jobs. 

NAIT’s services helped me get a summer job through the FSWEP program. This program helps students interested in government careers reach out to different departments and hiring managers in the federal government. My experience working there gave me an insight into different career paths in my field, as I got an opportunity to be in a team with people from diverse cultures and educational backgrounds. Even though we do a lot of team projects at NAIT, getting real-time experience and learning to maintain professionalism in an office environment is different. This program is also an entry point for future career opportunities in government.

NAIT also provides alumni networking opportunities for students, which is something I find useful. I talked with a NAIT alumni who worked for different employers and had over 20 years of experience in my field. This career conversation lasted for more than an hour as I prepared many questions to ask before starting our chat, and he was kind enough to answer all the questions. He even gave me references for his company’s student co-op job openings. Even though this was not the intention of the conversation, this NAIT alumni offered me help. Through my experience with NAIT’s Career Advising, I was able to find dependable and scam-free job help. My hope is that more students can enter the job market with confidence by using campus resources.

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