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– Tora Matys

There’s a local band of brothers making waves across Canada. Known for their catchy blues-rock inspired riffs and hard hitting vocals, the Red Cannons are a rock ’n’ roll quartet coming out of Spruce Grove with a bang.

The brothers have been raised around music their whole lives, and grew up playing in a small garage band. Their father played in a band called Dear Friends and was the town’s music teacher, so it was inevitable that the boys would end up in music. In 2012, Evan (guitar and vocals), Braden (guitar), Landon Boechler (drums) decided to get serious and, with the addition of a close family friend, Jen Perry (bass), The Red Cannons were born. Having been around music their whole lives, they were no stranger to the ups and downs of being in a band and the struggles that it takes to get anywhere even close to the top.

“My advice for people in bands, is you have to play it slow. You have to do it because you enjoy it, not if you are looking for overnight success or to become rich and famous. Music is a form of art and expression and it should be used as such, any other way is going to leave you disappointed,” Evan said.

It’s a long and hard road they’ve chosen, but they now have released two albums that you can find in stores, on Spotify, on Youtube and iTunes. You can hear their singles “Underneath the Floorboards” and “Sheepdog” on regular rotation on 100.3 The Bear, 95.7 Cruz fm, 96.7 The Rig and other rock stations across Canada. In 2014 and 2015, the band hit a personal milestone and was nominated for Group of the Year and Rock Recording at the Edmonton Music Awards.

The Red Cannons have been touring on and off for five years across Western Canada. They’ve played with names like The Tea Party, the Glorious Sons, Chilliwack,
and One Bad Son. This past year, however, they were on a hiatus from touring and recording, due to Braden severing a tendon in his finger. After some plastic surgery and months of rehabilitation, the band is elated to announce they are headed back into the studio and are working on a new album they hope to have released by next spring or summer.

The band is looking forward to getting back on the road and rocking stages near you. Keep a look out for details and follow The Red Cannons on Facebook (@theredcannons), Instagram (@the_red_cannons) and check out their website,, to be first to hear new song releases and find out about concert dates.

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