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Recent Personal Fitness Trainer grad Kayla Mintz has launched her own fitness program, Mintz Condition. After finding out for herself the benefits of physical activity, she knew she needed to share the concept of exercise as a medicine with the people around her.

NAIT Personal Trainer Program Grad New Business


“I started working out to help me with my depression and anxiety and discovered how much it helped get me through some tough times in my life. And I wanted to help aboriginals, and all people, and promote exercise as a medicine,” Mintz said.

Mintz Condition is both an in person and online series of workshops teaching indigenous youth and adults the importance of physical activity and the statistics behind it. Most of her clients are located in northern Alberta, so Mintz knew it was important that her program be accessible from anywhere.

Mintz settled on NAIT’s personal training program after extensive research and decided that the two-year hands-on course would offer her the most learning and best opportunities. With easy access to the instructors, she was able to grow and learn and launch a concept out of the gates.

“The instructors were really amazing, and pushed every one of us through,” said Mintz. “They were really supportive of everyone’s lives, and they get to know their students within the first week.”

Mintz is looking forward to continuing to grow outside of NAIT and take Mintz Condition, with her newfound knowledge, to the next level and help people like her heal through exercise.

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