Mawji Centre: Entrepreneur Resources for NAIT Students

by | Nov 8, 2019 | News, Uncategorized

By Mahmuda Sheikh

The Mawji Centre is a resource and support centre for entrepreneurial spirited students from all departments and is not exclusive to business students.

Cecile Wendlandt, the director of the centre explains that they help students come up with ideas if they are interested in entrepreneurship. Outside of entrepreneurship, Wendlandt also encourages any student to learn how to market themselves.

“Having the skills to make a good pitch is helpful for everybody,” said Wendlandt.

Their next event on Nov. 13, titled ‘The Perfect Pitch’, is designed to help teach students on how to craft a perfect pitch. This can involve anything from business ideas, leading a team at work, looking for a job or in any situation where someone needs to pitch their capability, merit or ideas to an employer, investor, etc.

This event is also intended to prepare students for the Student Pitch Competition coming up on Nov. 26 with $8,000 in cash prizes for students.

The Mawji Centre also provides one-on-one coaching. Students can create and prepare their ideas to meet with one of the three Entrepreneurs-In-Residence who work in the industry and provide guidance and mentorship.

“We take [students] through all the steps they need to go through: from ‘I have an idea’ to being ready to start a business,” said Wendlandt.

Such support is provided in various ways including workshops like “Craft a Pitch”, hosting speakers from the business and entrepreneurial industry and their Entrepreneur In Residence program.

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