Local Theatre: The Attic, The Pearls, and Three Fine Girls

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By Zachary Flynn

The Walterdale Theatre’s production of The Attic, The Pearls, and Three Fine Girls, directed by Anne Marie Szucs, follows the three Fine sisters, JoJo, Jayne and Jelly, as they cope with the passing of their father. His one wish – throw a “wild party” exactly one week after his death. The sisters, each going through their own personal battles, find themselves laughing, crying, fighting and learning more about themselves and each other as they work through the loss of their father.

This production was Murriel Mapa’s first with the Walterdale Theatre as she slipped into the character of Jelly Fine, the youngest of the three sisters. While it may have been her debut production, there weren’t any signs of nervousness or lack of experience as she was able to fully embrace the young, fun, childish character that Jelly is.

Mapa, along with her co-leads, Wylee Johnston and Allie Connop who played Jayne Fine and JoJo Fine respectively, all had incredible chemistry together. Especially during serious times in the play, Mapa, Johnston and Connop were able to effortlessly set the tone of the room, whether it be tenseness, awkwardness, or anger.

The production was also incredibly strong technically. The lighting, designed by Roy Jackson and operated by Tom Lam, drew the viewers’ eyes to the right parts of the stage without being too distracting. Coupled with the sound effects, designed by Shawn Pallier and operated by Jeff Turkiewicz, the perfectly executed technical aspects of the play allowed the viewer to be immersed in the scene without drawing attention to the crew’s work.

The Attic, The Pearls, and Three Fine Girls sparks the laughter, emotions and thoughts that family brings. By the end of the play, it leaves a mix of emotions and leaves you thinking about the value of the family around you and what is worth valuing in your life. The Attic, The Pearls, and Three Fine Girls runs from April 3-13, 2019.

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