Lifelong learning at NAIT

by | Dec 7, 2022 | News

After graduating NAIT, education and connection doesn’t need to end. The NAIT Alumni association offers an opportunity to build careers to new heights with a series of lifelong learning events. NAIT grads can discover new ways to advance skills through a variety of opportunities through courses, events and professional development. These events, created in 2014, focus on four different skills: professional development, personal interest, and social and community development. 

“These sessions were created to increase engagement … to learn, be active and come back to NAIT,” said Tammy Carreiro, Alumni Relations Coordinator. 

There are 4 segments to life-long learning: professional development, personal interest, social development and community development. Carreiro said, “These sessions were created to increase engagement… to learn, be active and come back to NAIT.”

 This program was created to allow NAIT alumni to be more engaged and learn something new even after college. “It’s more about bringing alumni together, so they can celebrate being an Ook for life and develop their connections,” said Carreiro. An example of an event that has been hosted was the Alumni Night at NAIT Ooks Hockey event. Alumni were invited back to campus, had a pre-game social at the Nest then went together to the arena to watch the hockey game.  

Lifelong learning coordinators are constantly trying new ways to get the best topics covered throughout the year. Every year, there are surveys sent out to students, alumni and staff to help get feedback on what they would like to learn or see to incorporate into that year. Life-long learning coordinators work with alumni to get the best feedback on what they think should be incorporated into the events to learn the most useful and exciting skills.

 “We want to be well rounded in the things that we do,” said Carreiro. The Alumni Association hosted events such as Leveraging LinkedIn, Holiday Dessert Cooking Demo, Meditation and Mindfulness, How to do Taxes, Networking for Introverts and many more. All people are welcome to join including students, staff, general public and all kinds of alumni. 

 There are many ways to get involved for people wanting to join. Those interested can follow on Instagram @NAITalumni or visit the website

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