King of Foxes recording new music and supporting Edmonton’s music community

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Arts & Life

Local indie band, King of Foxes is in the studio this year recording their third album. King of Foxes’ frontwoman, Olivia Street, says the new songs are honest and the album has themes that reflect the current state of the world.

“It sort of felt like this year we’ve all been watching the world kind of collapse around us. What are we clinging on to in the midst of that, what’s important to us, and what are we holding close? What did we come out of this with that feels like it was worth it, you know what I mean? How have we changed our lives, hopefully for the better in some ways?” said Street.

King of Foxes has won numerous awards in the past, including a feature on CKUA’s top 100 albums of 2019 for their album Salt & Honey. Street, whose women of rock influences include Liz Phair, St. Vincent, and Sleater-Kinney, has been most recently recognized in the 2021 Edmonton’s Women of Rock calendar. The proceeds from the calendar go to the Center for Arts and Music’s (CAM) program for kids and help high-risk youth connect with the arts.

“It’s a really worthwhile cause, and it gave me a chance to kind of show off the fun side of my personality, and they were lovely to work with. They made me feel so great and all the women in the calendar are so badass. I was really honoured to be included,” said Street.

Street is currently also a curator for Nextfest, an online event from June 3 to June 13.

King of Foxes Band

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“It’s [a festival] for emerging artists, so mentorship opportunities and a chance to perform in a festival setting. I’m really looking forward to the lineup I booked this year. I can’t announce it yet, but keep your eyes on the Nextfest lineup. It’s going to be really fun,” said Street.

Some of Nextfest’s core values are mutual respect and inclusivity, something that King of Foxes wants to encourage more within the community.

“There are so many fantastic artists, and they don’t all get the recognition they deserve. You don’t always see representation, especially of BIPOC, women, and gender diverse people and that’s important for me to see. I just want to encourage the community to keep ourselves accountable to that and keep remembering to make this community inclusive and to have all those voices seen and heard,” said Street.

A vinyl edition of Salt & Honey can be purchased on King of Foxes’ website or streamed along with the rest of their music on Spotify and Apple Music. Fans can keep an eye out for new content from King of Foxes by following their Instagram @kingoffoxesband.

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